It can be difficult to watch your child struggle in school. You may feel powerless or overwhelmed, but there are many ways you can help your child learn outside of the classroom. The Dillon Public Library has compiled a list of ideas and activities.

Help Discover Interests and Passions

One of the best ways to help a struggling student is to encourage them to explore their interests and passions. Ask them what they enjoy doing most or what topics they find most interesting. Research these topics together online or at the library. This will give them a sense of ownership over their own learning process, as well as help them build confidence in their abilities.

Make Learning Fun and Engaging

It is important to make learning fun for children who are struggling in school. Instead of focusing on grades or test scores, focus on having fun while learning something new. Activities like reading aloud together, playing educational games that involve movement, or making up stories with puppets or dolls will engage your child while also helping them learn new concepts.

The Dillon Public Library has educational games, STEAM Kits, that can be checked out and a great way to make learning more enjoyable. Look for board games or apps that teach math, science, language arts, history, and geography. There are even some games that have been specifically designed for struggling students, so be sure to research these options before purchasing any games for your child.

Explore Art and Music

Art and music can provide a creative outlet for children who are struggling in school. Encourage them to explore different forms of art, such as drawing, painting, and sculpting. Or, try playing music together by singing songs or playing instruments like guitars or drums. These activities will build self-confidence while also teaching valuable lessons about creativity and expression through various forms.

 Take Field Trips

Field trips don’t have to just be about visiting museums or historical sites; they can also be about exploring nature. Going on hikes together or visiting local parks can be an exciting way to learn about science, such as plants, animals, and weather patterns. Plus, it gives you quality time away from home, which is always beneficial when it comes to building relationships between parents and children. Spending time outdoors is actually one of the best ways for children to get away from all the stressors associated with being inside classrooms all day long. The Dillon Public Library has a backpack program with local biking and hiking trails, maps of local flora and fauna, binoculars, and fishing poles. Check them out for five days and go on an adventure!

Develop Your Own Skills

For parents whose children are struggling in school, take a look at this education program. It’s designed to hone the critical skills you need to shape your children’s learning and encourage better academic performance. Studying to be an educator will not only help set your child up for success, but it can lead you to a more rewarding career.

Children who struggle in school need extra support from parents who understand how challenging this experience can be. There are plenty of ideas and activities available outside of traditional classrooms that can help foster a love of learning within any student, so consider the many ways you can provide extra support without feeling overwhelmed by all the possible options available.

Image via Pexels

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